Hi i am a fan of the very infamous Peta games!

What is PETA?

If you don't know, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals(PETA) is American animal rights nonprofit organization based in Norfolk, Virginia for More Info about the Group here is their English Wikipedia Page

PETA has also released satirical browser games usually Parodeis of Other Games(Like Mario, Meat Boy or Pokemon) and my main Focus is to try to archive most of the prizes from those games or just try to tell you what the game was about.+

so Monthly i will being updated this if i find a embeded peta game link(Most of em have one),Videos that were there before html5 version,a old peta game banners, a zip and fun facts about the games!(this is what happens when you have to sit through slaughterhouse video and realise this game doesn't have banners, enjoy)

This Might be used for other then just games tho so enjoy!

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in Memoriam:Macromedia Flash 1995-2005

in Memorian:Adobe Flash 2005-2020

  • How to play these games
  • Peta's Website(but most of them are gone from the peta website now.)

    Archive.org (Heres a Suggested Link. You might need a browser with Flash.)

    BlueMaxima's Flashpoint

    Credits to Archive.org and PETA